Mobro Recommended by Bird is the Worm

Posted on Dec 17, 2014 in Press

The MOBRO 4000 was something of a joke.  Nightly news updates of the barge’s journey from New York to Belize were delivered tongue in cheek, and late-night hosts and comedians weaved the subject into their monologues.  It wasn’t so funny, however, to the ports where the barge attempted to dock.  Hauling trash from New York to a North Carolina landfill, the MOBRO 4000 was stopped from unloading its haul.  This became a habit, as the MOBRO searched for a place to deliver its trash, heading as far south as New Orleans on the U.S. mainland, before charting a course to Mexico and then all the way down to Belize before returning to New York, where it was finally able to dock and dispose of its load.

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